Metal Scent

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Metal Scent is a rock band, formed in Israel by Drummer Ronen Ziony, Guitarist Dror Yakar and vocalist Rami Salmon, back in 2005. Their early material combined Israeli eastern hits recomposed to hard rock versions, recorded as a duet with mega Israeli singers stars, all combined on Metal Scent's first album in Hebrew, to try and push the hard rock music into the Israeli ears. The album was a big success in Israel, but they slowly began moving toward a more commercially accessible rock style. By the turn of time, the band's members changed and they join 2 new members, Ben Metal on bass and Sion Shalom on guitars.

The band's 2nd album was a combination of original and cover American hit songs in English and was commercially successful over Europe, Ukraine, Russia and Georgia, contained a few major songs played on radio stations in Europe and youtube "Falling so deep", "the letter" "Rain" "One way ticket", Metal Scent was nominated for the "best new rock band of the year" by "Be rock radio" in Greece in the year 2012.

Their 3rd and most successful "Homemade" album was released in the beginning of 2012 with 15 original songs in English, the album recorded and mixed at the band's home studios. The album was aired by many radio stations around Europe and by then the band started with their international shows sharing stages with bands such as "Uriah Heep" "Aria""Alisa","Sabaton","Ken Hensley", "Deep Purple" toured in Georgia (Batumi and Tbilisi), Sevastopol Ukraine at the "Biker Festival", Moscow ,at the "Mention club," Music Town" the Jagger club at S.T Petersburg and supported show for "Joe Lynn Turner" (Deep Purple/Rainbow) at the "Moscow Hall", Moscow, on April 29th 2013 at the end of  "Metal Scent 2013 Russian  tour".                                                                                              

In August 19th 2013, Metal Scent had the honor to participate in a special memorial festival for legendary vocalist (R.I.P) Alexander Monin Of "Kruis" at the "Life Pub" in Moscow, along with Russian band   "Master", moving on to the rest of their tour to Kazan for 6 more shows. The top of career was a performance in a joint show in concert hall Olympisky Moscow in 23/02/2014

During 2015-2017 concentrated Metal Scent on local shows around Israel to feed their hungry fans. Currently, the band is working on their 4th album and  shows in Israel with Aria (Russia),   will show with  Sebastian Bach (u.s.a) ,  UDO (Germany)in Tel Aviv and more….In April 2016 the group made a joint show with legendry lead singer of "Aria" Arthur Berkut (Russia)/The show was called "Show in Holyland" and was made DVD with this show.Cooperation with A.Berkut  continued and in February 2017 artist toured in Moscow :three gigs in Volta club,Jimmi club and MTC club.This most successful "Show in Holyland" was shown also in Tel-Aviv (Israel) in March 23 ,2017...

Ronen Ziony

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Drums, a musician, composer, song writer, producer, sound engineer,P.I.T and S.D.S.U graduate (B.A in music and comm.), recorded and produced over 30 albums with a lot of stage and recording experience,12 years in the USA music industry playing drums all over the world Support act for "Iron Maiden" with "Defiance" opened for "America" On their American tour with "Sanctions" ,toured with number of rock bands such as: Testament (Beginning of the end) tour, Big City,etc, auditioned for the "Osmosis" album for Ozzy Ozbourne in 1995, an additional, playing drums for 15 years with most famous Israeli world music band "Gaya" with 7 albums and mega world hit "A song for love" touring with Gaya all over the world, USA, Austrlia, Mexico, Europe, Canada, Russia, south America The Ukraine and more.

Dror Yakar

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Guitars, composer, songwriter, arranger. Appeared in many television shows. An original member with the Israeli funk fusion band ZONZEE with which he played wrote and recorded. The band released two albums and participated in the "Dead Sea Jazz Festival". Member of Israeli metal band Black widow with which he played for two years. Original and founding member and co writer of Israeli live Trance act "Reflections" 2004 - 2010. Nomination for Israeli Oscar with Eli zulta, writing the score for the soundtrack of  Israeli drama feature film "six million pieces." Producer and arranger for the first album of the folk rock band Amiram Inc. Production, Music and Guitar instructor licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Education to mentor students in music matriculation 5 units.

Rami Salmon

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Vocals, wrote and composed for many groups, created 20 years of metal along with number of important rock and heavy metal bands in Israel Such as: Black widow, Stella Maris, Bangkok, Excalibur, Fat Bess, recording over then 15 albums, touring with the bands around Israel, playing in different festivals, clubs, pubs and concerts. Along with metal music, tried Rami his abilities with jazz and fusion music, releasing E.P with the band "Right on time" in English, recorded a full CD with "Edgend" fallowed by a European tour with "Evergray" Graduated from law school in 1999 as an attorney.

Ben Metal

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Bass guitar, with years of rock and metal scenes expariance, played, recorded and performed with number of Hard and metal bands in Israel among them successful "Edgend" Touring with the band in Europe with an international album, working with kids as A Child psychologist, finishing soon his second degree In psychology.

Sion Shalom

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A heavy metal guitar player for 22 years. Played with Paul Di'anno (iron maiden) Israel 2004, support act for"Megadeth" with  "Masteriff" in Israel 2005, Guest solo artist for "Necessary Evil" album by Israeli "Salem" 2007, Tim, "Ripper" Owens (Judas Priest) Israel 2010, Toured in Europe with the band "Bilocate" and"Orphaned Land"